We can’t wait to see you again when we gather for the first time after all this is over. We have missed you all and hope you are staying safe and in good spirits.

Till then take care of each other and subscribe to receive your exclusive invite to the first party after lockdown x

Stay positive, look out for each other and keep sharing your love x



Since day one, our party has been an absolute delight. Our upbeat and cutting edge house music policy delivered by our resident djs always keeps the vibe on a high until the end.

We curate all these elements with an unconditional passion for house music and social gathering that are our main focal points. If you are looking for that memorable night out, then call your chosen family to come and experience Promised Land at Proud Embankment and meet the rest of our Promised Land brothers and sisters.


Proud Embankment is the next stop for our Promised Land gathering, and we couldn’t be happier. This plush new two-floor venue with seating table area and a large dance floor is with out doubt one of London’s most beautiful night club.

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