Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie was one of the premier DJs of the early Chicago house movement. His talents have earned him radio spots on WGCI and WBMX. During that period, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration with Kenny “Jammin'” Jason entitled “Can You Dance” which was in circulation in 1986.

In 1987, Eddie came out with other house tracks such as “The Whop”, based on the dance of the same name.

Eddie then left WGCI for WBMX for a short time and then quit his radio DJ gigs to concentrate on producing. In 1988, Eddie scored one of his biggest hits with “Acid Thunder”!!

However, it was the track “Hip House” which was then called “Yo Yo Get funky” that really established his career as a producer. Eddie popularized the genre of hip house.

However, Eddie tried his hand at gangsta rap in 1990 by forming the group America’s Most Wanted, and many critics felt he should have stuck to his house music roots. Later that year, he released “Make Some Noise”.

At some time during 1995, Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of ghetto house. The first of these is titled “Booty Call” with DJ Sneak and the other is titled “Pump It” with DJ Funk. Both songs gained a lot of airplay on Chicago radio and in clubs.


You could say Fast Eddie represented a side stream of early stage house. Hip house. Not only did he represented Hip house but he was also a leader in the genre.

Fast Eddie did put hip house on the map when house music was new and fresh and in a time when there was only 4-5 different house styles.

His great success also contributed to the house scene as a whole making him one of the pioneers making house music rise.

The crossover between house and rap mended that house music was expending among youth who also liked hip hop or was growing up with hip hop and discovering house music through the legacy of Fast Eddie. Beside his great contribution to house music as a whole, his music is quality stuff.

A bit out dated now but it’s full of energy and you can hear the joy from Fast Eddie in making the music.

Fast Eddie is and was a great artist and will not be forgotten. A well deserved place in house history.