Derrick May set @ RoXY Amsterdam 1990

Derrick May set at Toxy Amsterdam 1990

Derrick may is part of the first generation of acid house/electronic music, rave producers and DJ’s, when the free parties movement was rising in Europe and USA. He is one of the most remarkable producers of that age till our days,

Derrick May is well know for his dance floor killer Stings of Life under the name Rhythim is Rhythim in the late 80’s also as mayday in the 90’s

Strings of Life

May was born in Michigan Belleville and went to high school with Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson commonly known as the belleville 3.

Derrick May is credited with developing the futuristic variation on house music that would be dubbed techno by Juan Atkins.In fact Derrick May’s career officially started with the release of a record called “Nude Photo” (co-written by Thomas Barnett) which was absolutely a great motivation for the Detroit music scene.

Nude Photo:

The Belleville Three, who are considered the Teachers of early Detroit producers and tested the limits of spirit within electronic dance music. They changed the integrity of the form forever
Derrick May @ ROXY 1990
All of a sudden, like a clap of thunder in a clear sky, house music exploded in Amsterdam. It was September 1988, the end of the summer that the British had already dubbed “The Summer Of Love,” and the birth of a new era in the capital.
Shrouded in steam and smoke, lit by furious, flashing strobes, Eddy de Clercq stands behind the turntables at the RoXY. Beaded with sweat, in deep concentration and completely at one with the music, he builds a compelling, hypnotising soundtrack of electronic beats and basslines. Uplifting house tracks alternate with beautiful, vocal garage and abstract, futuristic Detroit techno. Waves of energy shudder through the crowd, who whoop and cheer with each subsequent track. Football whistles blare, a siren begins to wail. Can you feeeel it? The temperature reaches boiling point as the dance floor explodes in yet another ecstatic climax. But then the DJ makes a radical change in tack. The musical rollercoaster hurtles on into the depths of the night, driven forward by an intense, biting acid track that makes the floor shake. Strange and estranging and going so deep that we seem for a moment to step into an intoxicating dreamworld where time no longer exists.
In the late summer of 1988, over the course of only a few weeks, the RoXY, a stylish, former cinema on the Singel in Amsterdam, grew into a veritable house temple: the dazzling centre of the capital’s young house scene and a club whose fame in the years that followed would take on almost mythical proportions. Not only because of the music, but also due to the extravagant clientele, who knew how to create an amazing party atmosphere.

Derrick May set at Toxy Amsterdam 1990: