Arkoss ‘Be nice or leave’ Mixtape 020

Arkoss rolls out mixtape 020 in build up for the magical event Alice in promised Land at Koko on Sat 11th Aug… Enjoy the music and hope you have booked your tickets for the massive one off party for 2018 x

Play list:

    • 1.I’m Free (main mix) by Yass, Lt Brown
    • 2. The World Changes (feat Kelly Joyce – Andrea Arcangeli + Mappa original mix) by A+M
    • 3. The City Of Free Love (David Penn remix) by Gianni Bini
    • 4. You Don’t Know (Oh-Oh-Oh) (Norty Cotto clubber mix) by Norty Cotto & Serious Intention
    • 5. I’m Talking To You by Angelo Ferreri
    • 6. Words (feat Sio – Yoruba Soul mix) by AbysSoul
    • 7. You Are The One by Jamie Lewis classic mix
    • 8. Wowshit by Karmon
    • 9. Why You Tellin’ Me by Hauswerks
    • 10. Live on by Wookie Feat.Lain
    • 11. Doppt by Super Flu


Alice in Promised Land
at Koko 1a Camden High street London
Sat 11th August 2018 9pm till 5amAfter exactly 10 years Promised Land is back at a venue that is close to our hearts, a place that holds so many fond memories & unforgettable times for so many of us. We are so excited to tell you we are back at the Koko (Camden Palace) with a wickedly magical party !!

As most of you know Promised Land, has always been about the music, the people, and the vibe. In Promised Land, all House music is welcome from the past to the present playing the kind of music that brings us all together with a vibe that’s positively high.
But for this event, we wanted to add a little twist something unique & outstanding that you all deserve. So we have invited Alice to join us at Promised Land with all her friends to bring a full-on stage Alice in Promised Land theme, crazy production, live performers and so much more, for this monster party!

Can’t wait to see all our Promised Land brothers & sisters its well overdue. We are looking forward to welcoming new faces to our Promised land family to bring in a new era together in the PALACE OF LOVE.

Mark Ruston

Room 2: TBA