A guy called gerald

A guy called gerald
“breaking beats since 1988”

A guy called gerald is a firm regular of promised land brining his breaking beats from 1988 to the stage at the event showcasing his cutting edge acid house sound with his old skool roots of using live roland 808 drum machines and the leading anolouge equipment he the retro acid sounds and beats and formulates this in his sets

A guy called gerald live at promised land


A guy called gerald is best known for his track voodoo ray which was the first acid house track to be released in the uk in 1988, prior to this gerald was hooked on elctro funk and with his dj crew the scratch beat masters they would challenge other crews with soundsytems with cutting edge beats they had cut up in their atic using their turntables.
This resulted in a 12inch single called “wax on melt” from the collaboration between the crews.

Garald later joind with some of these members to form 808 state and they released the “newbuild” album in 1988 just before gerlad broke away to start his solo career.

While keeping it quiet from the 808 state members gerald was working on a new acid tribal sound and found a sample saying voodoo rage which was originally the title but because the old sampler he was using did not have enough memory he was only able to record voodoo ra and this is what the track became.

The track contains samples of comedians peter cook and dudley more taken from the first derek and clive lp where peter cook delivers the sample voodoo rage.

Voodoo Ray

Voodoo ray reached number 12 in the uk charts and was the best selling independent track of 1989.