Who was Ron Hardy ?

Ron Hardy part 1 Part 2   Some may know some may not but Ron Hardy was a pioneer in our dance culture! Hardy started his career in 1974 in Chicago gay club Den One) , with a set-up of two turntables, a mixer and a reel-to-reel tape-deck, he played long nights of underground black […]

Promised Land at Found Moondance Festival

LIMITED £20 TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!!   PAPER TICKETS AT £30 + £2 POSTING RECORDED DELIVERY Promised Land at Found Moondance festival 1TICKET £30.00 GBP 2TICKETS £60.00 GBP 3TICKETS £90.00 GBP 4TICKETS £120.00 GBP 5TICKETS £150.00 GBP 6TICKETS £180.00 GBP 7TICKETS £210.00 GBP 8TICKETS £240.00 GBP Promised Land at Found festival Hopkins’s Fields, North Park, […]

Street Sounds Electro Albums Vol 1 to Vol 10

Street Sounds is a British compilation record label, that specialised in urban and electronic club/dance music during the mid-1980s. Street Sounds was an offshoot of producer and promoter Morgan Khan’s Street Wave label. The first Street sounds release was the first edition of the label’s core compilation series, Street Sounds 1 in late 1982. This […]

Promised Land 12th Birthday at Egg london 29th May 2016

  Promised Land brothers & sisters we can’t believe 12 years have passed by already with a string of unforgettable events that have brought so many crazy & loving people together. Over the years, we have all made so many good friends and created so many good memories that now we are one huge family […]

Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jefferson is widely regarded as the Godfather of House Music and it is unsurprising that Marshall is Promised Land’s regular artist that always delivers an amazing set for our brothers and sisters.   Marshall Jefferson Live Recording @ Promised Land. Marshall Jefferson is one of the founding fathers of house music as it is […]

Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie was one of the premier DJs of the early Chicago house movement. His talents have earned him radio spots on WGCI and WBMX. During that period, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration with Kenny “Jammin’” Jason entitled “Can You Dance” which was in circulation in 1986. In 1987, Eddie came […]